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"People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer."   Over the last 100 years, cannabis prohibition has literally eliminated rational knowledge in favor of emotional deception and physical terrorism.  The misconceptions these tactics created are significant among supporters, opponents, and everyone in-between.  


We believe in-person education is the most effective way to overcome lingering trepidations and leave people feeling encouraged and confident about hemp and medical marijuana.

We will be successful if we:

Elicit Openness to a New Perspective


-We replace arbitrary negative associations with exciting synthesized research.

Stimulate Intelligent Use of Cannabis
-Exposure to various forms and functions allows people to be methodical.

The Team

Founder / CEO


Connor Klep has brought his backgrounds together with this effort.  Since he received his Medical Marijuana Card in 2010, Connor has been passionate about finding strains to help friends with anxiety, sleep disorders, focus, depression, pain and other banes of life.  In his short career, he founded a health organization in 2013 that is still in operation, successfully developed multiple ecommerce websites, rebranded and saved his grandmother's tourism business, and refined an entrepreneurial skillset focused on large-scale public education. Trips to the museum as a child fueled his passion for learning, and with such a special plant, he hopes he can incite similar intent in others.

Director of Education

Now hiring.  Email resume or call to schedule an interview.

Cannabis Educators


Hiring soon...

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